This Bhojpuri star showing his strength in politics along with acting!!!

Ravi Kishan’s strong acting has won the hearts of millions of people. He has spread his acting skills not only in

Bhojpuri but also in Bollywood. But this journey of ravi kishan has not been so easy. He has data-faced a lot of

difficulties to reach this point. Let us know some things about that struggle tour of his.

Ravi Kishan ran away from home in childhood

Ravi Kishan was born on 17 July 1969 in Mumbai. But after a few years his family returned to Uttar Pradesh.

Ravi had dreamed of becoming an actor since his childhood. To fulfill this dream, ravi left home at the age of

17. According to IMBD, he had come to mumbai with only Rs 500.

Ravi struggled a lot after coming here but he did not give up. After a long struggle, the actor started his acting

career in the year 1992 with the bollywood film Pitambar. After this ravi worked in films one after the other.

He did decent work in Bollywood. But he got his real identity from Bhojpuri cinema.

This is how Bhojpuri superstars became

Although he was getting work from tv shows to bollywood, he had to create his own identity, which he got

from the Bhojpuri film Saiya Hamar. He was cast by Mohanji prasad in this film. They were looking for a new

data-face. However, Mohanji had rejected ravi at first sight. Actually, Mohanji had considered ravi as a Marathi

actor. But after the misunderstanding was cleared, they immediately signed Ravi. Bhojupari's first film Saiya

Hamar had made ravi a superstar. This film created a stir at the box office. Although, ravi was a little scared of

coming to Bhojpuri from bollywood, but on the advice of his mother, he turned towards it. After the film

became a superhit, his courage increased and he gave one hit film after another in Bhojupari.

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