Rishabh Shetty is back as a legend...!?

The team has officially released the first look teaser of the next installment of the super hit Gandhara directed by rishabh Shetty. Gandhara is one of the films that took kannada cinema to its peak. Directed by rishabh Shetty, the film was released in september last year. The film was produced by Homballe, the company that produced KGF. Gandhara was originally released only in Kannada. The movie was dubbed and released in Tamil, telugu and hindi languages after the movie received a huge response from kannada fans.

The film became a blockbuster hit in all the languages it was released in. Made on a budget of just 15 crores, the film collected more than 300 crores. Following the phenomenal success of the film, director rishabh Shetty has been busy writing the script for the next installment of Gandhara. As the film is going to be made as the prequel to Gandhara, it has been named as Gandhara Chapter 1. rishabh Shetty is also directing this movie. He also plays the hero in it. Hombale company is making its second part which is bigger than the first part. The film crew is planning to release it as a pan india film.

In this situation, the film team has released the first look teaser of Gandhara Chapter 1 today. In it, rishabh Shetty looks menacingly like arya from the film I am God, with long hair and a beard and a muscular body. The fans who have seen it are praising the first look for its sensational look. This first look video is currently going viral on YouTube.

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