Yash Chopra convinced Sridevi to wear white sarees in Chandni

In 1989, yash Chopra’s film chandni became a blockbuster hit with its engaging storyline. The film received widespread acclaim for the outstanding performances by rishi kapoor, sridevi, and Vinod Khanna. The movie, interestingly, proved to be a turning point in yash Chopra’s career. Through that movie, sridevi had brought a revolution in the fashion industry with her all-white and chiffon saree looks. But not many are aware that sridevi hesitated carrying white costumes.

In one of the segments of the Netflix documentary ‘The Romantics’, against Sridevi’s reservation behind wearing white, yash chopra made it clear that he wanted that look on her. The old interview footage captured yash chopra sharing, “I wanted to dress her (Sridevi) most simply. chandni should be pure innocence.” His wife Pamela Chopra quips, “Yash was always known as a person who dressed his actresses beautifully. He had visualised chandni in a completely white wardrobe.”

Yash Chopra’s films earned him immense fame, especially after the success of Silsila. But, here came a phase when his consecutive films turned out to be a box-office failure. chandni emerged as a movie that helped him to manifest his strong presence among talented filmmakers. By the late 80s, the celebrated bollywood producer-director yash chopra data-faced a downward career trajectory. The situation became so dire that he contemplated selling his studio and working on a short film with T-Series. Speculations of his production house, yash Raj Films, shutting down also surdata-faced. During this period, several of his big-budget films like Waqt, Mashaal, Silsila, Faasle, and Vijay had failed at the box office. However, the release of chandni in 1989 brought about a dramatic turnaround in yash Chopra’s career as a producer-director, and rishi kapoor also reaped significant benefits from the film’s immense success.

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