BB Telugu 7: Rathika Rose eliminated...!?

It is known that Rathika Rose, who was expected to be in the title race, hit home unexpectedly. Let's see the remuneration of Rathika Rose who is in the house for four more weeks. We can say that Ratika Rose is beauty with brain. She felt special from day one. It was active compared to other contestants. The audience thought that Rathika Rose would go to the finale. But her game is getting worst week by week. Especially fake emotions, fake relationships... the way some contestants behaved hurt. Ratika Rose entered the house with a well-planned plan. She made sure that her behavior in the house was elevated by the PR teams outside and carried over to the masses. As part of it, she raised rumors of an affair with rahul Sipliganj. Rathika shed tears as she remembers her ex-boyfriend... Photos of Rathika Rose being intimate with rahul Sipliganj came out on social media. rahul Sipliganj responded on this matter. He made social media posts implying that Rathika Rose was using him for sympathy. Also, the audience did not like the way Ratika behaved with prashant in Rose House. Pallavi got closer to prashant before herself. Tries to manipulate a village boy. Suddenly reversed. Nominated. Pallavi gave prashant unspeakable words. A similar behavior was done in the case of prince Yavar. She spoke sweetly to Yavar and ate with him on the same plate. At the crucial moment it nominated him as ineligible for Power Astra. Making small things big and bothering other contestants to give content has made the game unbearable. There was complete negativity on her on social media. That's why Tasty teja had to leave the house this week. people voted for him and eliminated Rathika. Worst of all, when Rathika Rose's elimination speculations started, a message appeared on her instagram account. Rathika Rose got her game wrong because of amar Deep. A message was given to give her another chance and send her to the secret room. bigg boss broke the rules before the episode was officially aired. Anyway, Ratika Rose is eliminated. If we look at the remuneration of Ratika Rose who has been in the house for four weeks.. According to the available information, Ratika Rose gets Rs. It entered the house on a contract of 2 lakhs. On that count she got Rs. It is said that bigg boss organizers gave 8 lakhs.

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