Kamal and Shruti Haasan Together - What's Happening ?

In addition to being a gifted actor, shruti haasan is a gifted musician who never misses an opportunity to showcase her musical abilities. She neglected her music career, meanwhile, as a result of her demanding acting schedule. The singing career of his daughter, however, will be revived by Kamal Haasan. In the film business, the same news is now popular.
The father-daughter team just revealed a brand-new endeavour under the RKFI label. During a recent social media session when she interacted with fans, shruti haasan clarified the project, which had previously sparked a lot of conjecture and interest. When asked about the future project, a fan asked shruti about it. She said, "It is a musical project, and we will release the specifics very soon. I am ecstatic beyond belief.
Although Shruti's dream of collaborating on a movie as actors hasn't come true, it seems that their collaborative nature will be showcased in this next musical project. The music project shruti haasan is working on this time will be far bigger than the promotional song she previously made for Kamal's film Eenadu. RKFI is currently producing a movie with siva karthikeyan and sai pallavi in the lead roles and the shooting was wrapped up recently. 

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