Amy Jackson is Lady Oppenheimer - TROLLED and SHAMED

Amy Jackson, an actress, recently had a makeover that has garnered a lot of social media attention. Amy's buzz cut, which is a marked contrast from her regular appearance, can be seen in the recent images that have appeared on social media. However, this metamorphosis was not well received by the online community, and it led to laughter and debate. Some even compared the actor to Cillian Murphy from the current hollywood film "Oppenheimer." Amy Lady Oppenheimer was called by a few online users.
Amy Jackson is renowned for making gorgeous and fashionable appearances in pictures and on television. Her most recent makeover, however, did not win over the admirers. Amy was last spotted in 2.0 by Shankar. The actress has now responded to the teasing. Regarding parallels to Cillian Murphy, Amy stated this in an interview with The Times of India: "I'm over the moon. His chiselling is flawless. For a Peaky Blinders revival, I'll have my flat cap and Brummie (Birmingham) accent ready.
She addressed the trolls with these words: Acting is my profession, and I take it very seriously. I've been filming a new project in the UK for the past month. Therefore, I had to lose weight and give my all to the part I am portraying. It's distressing to see the (mostly male) indian community's online uproar. Male co-stars who had to significantly alter their appearance for a movie have been applauded for it when I've worked with them. They believe they have the right to troll you the instant a woman does it with unique hair and cosmetics that don't fit their image of beauty.

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