Rakhi Sawant reached her in-laws house riding on JCB, created a drama


The dispute between Adil Khan Durrani and rakhi sawant has taken a new turn. Rakhi told that alia bhatt and

vidya balan have been contacted for her biopic. He also received a car as a gift from the manufacturers. Rakhi

Sawant created a scene by reaching her in-laws house riding on a JCB.

Adil refuted all Rakhi’s allegations in front of the media and clarified that the car is not worth Rs 41 lakh. Now

a new twist has come in the ongoing media trial regarding the feud between Adil and Rakhi Sawant. Let us tell

you that Rakhi had recently gone to mysore for the launch of her biopic. He revealed that the makers have

approached alia bhatt and vidya balan for his biopic. producer Shaili and Shahbaz also gifted a car to Rakhi.

Troubled Adil said - He should come to the court and end this drama

rakhi sawant shared pictures of Adil making a money deal with someone named Zakir and wrote, Adil taking

money from Zakir Bhai, you should be ashamed. Now you are calling him a joker, you should be ashamed.

Adil mysore people have helped you and you are taking money. This is proof of a picture. Adil Khan Durrani

got angry on Rakhi Sawant’s mysore drama and said, I want Rakhi to come to the court and end this drama, I

am fed up. Let us tell you that rakhi sawant reached Adil's house in mysore late on sunday night. Rakhi made

quite a grand entry here. Along with drums, she boarded the JCB and reached her husband Adil's house. Not

only this, she was seen dancing a lot during this time.

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