Sai Pallavi in extreme anger..!? Wedding photo..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Sai Pallavi in extreme anger..!? Wedding photo..!?
Sai Pallavi's wedding photo is the only thing that has recently caused a stir on the Internet. That is, the photo of sai pallavi and director Rajkumar Periyasamy photo spread like wildfire on the internet. It was reported that sai pallavi was secretly married without anyone knowing. sai pallavi has now put a post on her twitter site to take this thing on the Internet. That is, sai pallavi, who attended the dance performance in the film, became famous everywhere in the film premam in Malayalam.

Since then, sai pallavi who has acted in some films in Tamil, is in the 21st film. Rajkumar Periyasamy is directing the film, which is being produced by Kamal through his Rajkamal company. The pooja of the film has recently taken place. In it, some have deliberately taken a photo of the director and sai pallavi garland and rumored to be married alone. Angered by this, sai pallavi has shared a few things that she has not always been concerned about the rumors.
That is, she has to talk about this because her family and friends are involved in this matter. That is, some people have paid for a photo taken at the pooja ceremony of their film. It is very painful to explain all these unnecessary actions when you announce happy things about her work. sai pallavi has posted that the act of causing discomfort to actresses is completely bad.

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