Now Tanushree Dutta came forward in support of Adil Durrani !!!


Now tanushree dutta came forward in support of Adil Durrani, made serious allegations against rakhi sawant, also made shocking revelations

Adil Durrani-Tanushree: Now actress tanushree dutta has also come in support of Adil Durrani against Rakhi Sawant. Tanushree made many shocking revelations and allegations against Rakhi.

Adil Durrani-Tanushree On Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant and her estranged husband Adil Khan Durrani's dispute with each other is increasing. Both of them have made many serious allegations against each other in press conferences several times. In the fight between Rakhi and Adil, another name has been added in support of Adil.  Bollywood actress tanushree dutta has now come forward in support of Adil and told how rakhi sawant had tried to tarnish his image during the Me Too movement. He also accused Rakhi of being a psychopath who verbally attacked him and harmed his mental health. During this, Tanushree made a shocking revelation about Rakhi Sawant.

Tanushree made a shocking revelation about Rakhi Sawant

 According to the report, Tanushree discovered old cases that were in Rakhi's name. Tanushree said, "The old victim did not want to data-face Rakhi at all, she speaks very badly about her. There are two cases where two boys died by suicide and a case was also registered against Rakhi, "He was accused of instigating suicide." On this, Adil said, "This matter went on for 4 years but then the matter ended because the parents could not fight with Rakhi."

Tanushree talked about Rakhi's aggressive behavior

Tanushree further criticized Rakhi's behavior, saying, "The aggressiveness she has, she fights like an aggressive man I saw how in the case of Adil and Rajshri, she has a new person to lie to every day.".I don't know where from." She meets people like this, she is bad. Despite changing so many religions, she could not change herself. I have heard many times that when she realizes that she will be caught, she turns away. Suddenly she will become poor and talk about her difficulties."

Adil blames Rakhi for his parents' health issues

While Adil blamed Rakhi for his parents' health problems, he said, "My parents had bp and diabetes problems because of Rakhi. They put me in jail without any real reason, you all. Can imagine the situation of my parents when they came to know that I have been jailed? I am their only son, he played with the physical and mental health of my mom and dad. Even after coming out of jail "My parents are upset and affected by the allegations he made against me."

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