From 1000 to Crorepati: Dalal Street Code!

Sindujaa D N
In an inspiring story of patience and financial acumen, a retired engineer named Singh has made a remarkable fortune from a modest initial investment on Dalal Street.
Back in 1986, Singh purchased 100 shares of jb Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals at a data-face value of Rs 10 per share, totaling an investment of Rs 1,000. Over the years, through strategic patience and possibly some corporate actions like stock splits or bonuses, his holdings have grown significantly.
As of june 7, 2024, Singh now holds 7,580 shares of jb Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals. With the stock closing at Rs 1,800 per share on that date, his total investment is now worth an impressive Rs 13,644,000 (or Rs 1.36 crore).
This transformation from Rs 1,000 to Rs 1.36 crore over 38 years is a testament to the power of long-term investing and the potential of the stock market to generate significant wealth. Singh's journey underscores the importance of patience, research, and the benefits of staying invested in quality companies over the long haul.

Kuldeep Singh (65), a resident of Ludhiana, has demonstrated the incredible benefits of long-term investing with his remarkable journey in the equity market. Back in 1986, Singh invested a modest Rs 1,000 in the IPO of jb Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals. Over the years, thanks to stock splits and bonus issues, his investment has ballooned. As of june 7, 2024, the value of his holdings has skyrocketed to an astounding Rs 1.36 crore!

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