In what number of crores did people escape poverty?

S Venkateshwari
In what number of crores did people escape poverty?

The niti aayog study states that in the last nine years, 24.8 crore people in the nation have been lifted out of poverty. From 29.17% in 2013–14 to 11.28% in 2022–2023 is the percentage of India's population living in poverty. This indicates that in nine years, there was a decline of 17.89%. Up to 5.94 crore individuals in Uttar Pradesh were lifted out of poverty. Following that, the living conditions of 2.30 million people in Madhya Pradesh, 1.87 million in Rajasthan, and 3.77 million people in bihar all improved.

Was there a rise or fall in unemployment?

In India, unemployment is a major issue. Opposition parties frequently bring up the growing youth unemployment rate at election rallies. India's unemployment rate has gone up from 2014 and 2019. In 2023, the youth unemployment rate rose from roughly 5.30% to 8.003%. But according to the most recent data, the jobless rate in january 2024 is at a 16-month low. The CMIE poll indicates that in january 2024, India's unemployment rate was 6.8%, down from 8.7% in december 2023. India's jobless rate has declined in both its rural and urban areas. Between december and january, the rate of unemployment in rural areas decreased from almost 8% to 5.8%. Simultaneously, the urban unemployment rate decreased from 10.1% to 8.9% in the previous month.

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