Rs.147 deducted from your SBI account..!? check it..!

Sowmiya Sriram
 Rs.147 deducted from your sbi account..!? check it..!
Banks have started charging an annual fee for credit cards and debit cards. sbi bank charges Rs.147 inclusive of GST. Almost all banks charge a certain amount as an annual maintenance fee for debit cards. However, fees also vary for different account types. Platinum cardholders will not pay for gold cardholders. bank of india-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">state bank of india offers several debit cards to its customers. Offers Classic/Standard, Platinum, gold, and other select card types. While there is no charge for registration fees and activation/membership/silver/global/debit card usage, an annual fee is charged for each of them.
You may have seen through your passbook, bank statement, or SMS that sbi has debited Rs.147.5 from your account. If you are wondering why the amount has been deducted from your bank account, please note that it was charged to you as part of the annual maintenance/service fee for the debit/ATM card you are using. sbi offers a variety of debit cards to its customers, most of which are classic/silver/global/contactless cards. For these cards, the bank charges an annual maintenance fee of Rs. 125 lays down. This is because this service charge is subject to 18% GST. Rs. 18% 125 = Rs. 22.5, thus. Now, Rs 22.5 + Rs 125 = Rs 147.5 totally.
My Card (Image) Debit Card Rs. 175+GST, Rs.250+GST for Platinum Debit Card, and Rs.350+GST for Pride/Premium business Debit Cards are annual maintenance charges. If you want to change your debit card, along with the service charge, the bank will charge Rs. 300 + GST is charged. Also, sbi Debit Card annual maintenance charges will be charged at the beginning of the second year.

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