Do you know which is the only village that has never rained?

S Venkateshwari
Do you know which is the only village that has never rained? 

It is only when the southwest monsoon blows and it rains that we feel comforted and cool that we have escaped from the scorching sun for so many months. All the places that have been dry for so many days seem to have revived after the rains. Water evaporates from the ground and cools in the Earth's atmosphere to form clouds. When these clouds are heavy enough, they fall to earth in the form of rain when cooled by air. All regions of the world receive more or less rainfall. But would you believe that there is a place in the world where it never rains?

How can it be.? You might think that there will be at least light rain everywhere. But it's true. There is a village in the world where there is no rain. The villagers have been suffering for many years without rain. Now we are going to tell you about that village.

This village called Al-Hudeeb is located in Sana'a, the capital city of Yemen. The village is situated on top of a red sandstone hill at an altitude of about 3200 meters above ground level. Although higher than other places, this place is seen with drought. It rains at different times of the year all over the world. But Al Hudaybeh village is always dry. The weather in this village is very dry as it never rains. Extreme heat during the day and freezing cold descend on the village at night. The weather warms up again as the morning sun rises.But the question arises as to why it does not rain in this village. This is because water resources are scarce in this part of the Yeman and the village is located at a cloudless altitude. Clouds accumulate in its lower layers. The location of Al Hudayb village is about 3200 meters above the plain. Normal rain clouds accumulate within 2000 meters of the plains. So clouds do not gather over al-Hudayb. And if there are no clouds there is no chance of rain. That is why there is no talk of rain here.

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