ICMR's warning regarding cooking!??


Do you also cook food covered? Then know whether it is right or wrong? ICMR has issued special guidelines

We often see at home that the mother covers the food while cooking. But is it beneficial to do so? Is it good to cover the pan or cooking vessel while cooking? Now ICMR has shared a guideline regarding cooking. Let us tell you in detail whether this practice is correct or not. indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has recently issued a guideline regarding this.

ICMR's warning regarding cooking

According to ICMR, cooking with the lid on not only saves time but also preserves the nutrients present in the food. If you cook with the pan open, all its nutrients are lost.

Guidelines issued by ICMR

According to the guidelines issued by ICMR, cooking with the lid open takes more time. Also, all the nutrients in the food are destroyed due to exposure to air. On the other hand, if you cook food with the lid closed, then all the nutrients in the food will remain intact. Green vegetables and green leafy vegetables change their color when cooked under a closed lid. But there is no loss of nutrients. 

It is important to cook food in the right way because it improves digestion. It also enhances the taste of food. The nutrients present in food are not harmed. Therefore, it is very important to cook properly because it is beneficial for health. It also reduces the risk of food contamination. According to ICMR, instead of pressure cooking and steam cooking, as well as deep frying or roasting, food should be cooked covered. This can prevent the loss of nutrients. Vegetables contain antioxidants and polyphenols. If you want to increase its level, then steaming is the best method. 

ICMR had told the method of cooking lentils

Earlier, ICMR had also said that to maintain good nutritional quality in pulses, it is necessary to boil them or cook them in a pressure cooker. If you do not cook pulses properly, the anti-nutritional factors present in them will be eliminated. 

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