Home Tips: Ways to clean yellow stains on mattresses!!


Home Tips: Clean mattresses and pillows at home, with this magic trick they will shine in minutes

With these easy methods, you can clean your mattresses and pillows at home and save the cost of dry cleaning. Let's know how. After a tiring day, the comfort of lying on your bed is better than that of a five-star hotel. We spend a large part of our lives on the bed, so it is common for mattresses and pillows to get dirty. We change the sheets, but it is not easy to change the mattresses and pillows.It is very important to take care of their cleanliness because dirt can affect health.Dry cleaning is expensive, so here are some easy tips, with which you can clean mattresses and pillows at home.

Dry the mattresses and pillows in the sun from time to time. Sunlight removes the odor and germs present in them. For this, keep the mattresses and pillows on the balcony or terrace, where there is direct sunlight. Turn the mattresses and show them the sunlight and later shake them with a stick, so that the dust also gets removed. If it is not possible to keep the mattress in the sun, then use a vacuum cleaner.This will clean the dust accumulated in the mattresses well. Vacuum the mattresses by placing them in an open space and then leaving them in the fan air for some time.


The steamer used on clothes is also helpful in cleaning mattresses. Clean the nozzle of the steamer by taking it close to the mattress. This will remove the dust and dirt from the mattress easily.

Ways to clean yellow stains on mattresses

Many timesyellow or brown stains appear on mattresses due to sweat, water, or other liquids falling on them. Follow these tips to clean them

First of all clean the mattress with a vacuum cleaner.

Make a paste of liquid soap and baking soda apply it to the stained area and leave it for 10 minutes.

Remove the paste with a clean cloth, but be careful not to rub but to dab it gently.

Then soak a clean cloth in water and clean it thoroughly so that no paste remains.

Dry the mattresses in the sun. By doing this the mattresses and pillows will become clean.

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