World Brain Tumor Day 2024:These can be symptoms of a brain tumor


World Brain tumor Day 2024: If you have headaches and fatigue, then these can be symptoms of a brain tumor

The problem of tumors in the brain can be cancerous and even fatal in some situations. According to the report of the American Brain tumor Association, more than 1 million people are living with brain tumors worldwide and more than 90,000 people are diagnosed with it every year. Although having a tumor does not mean cancer every time, however, if it is not taken care of in time, it can be fatal. In 2019 alone, about 2.5 lakh people died due to brain cancer. World Brain tumor Day is celebrated every year on 8 june to make people aware of the increasing global risks of brain tumors and educate them about prevention.

Health experts say that many types of environmental and lifestyle factors along with genetics can increase the risks of brain tumors. All people need to know about it and keep taking preventive measures. If the symptoms of the tumor are identified and treated in time, then the risks of serious and life-threatening problems caused by it can be avoided.

What do experts say?

In a conversation with amar Ujala, Dr. Vikas Kumar, aneurosurgeon at RIMS Hospital, Ranchi, says, the risk of brain tumor can occur at any age. Its symptoms are often not visible in the beginning. Many symptoms seem like common problems that occur often, due to which it is not diagnosed correctly in time. Early detection of brain tumors is very important for better chances of successful treatment.

A little awareness can make a big difference, so it is important to pay serious attention to its symptoms and get its treatment in time. Ask yourself these three questions, if the answer is yes, then definitely consult a doctor in time.

1. Do you often have a headache?

Health experts say that a headache is considered an early sign of a brain tumor. There can be many reasons for headaches, but if you often have a headache, especially in the morning, then this sign needs to be paid serious attention. As the tumor grows, you may also experience difficulty concentrating, speaking clearly, or understanding others. Gradually, you may also start having eye problems.

2. Do you feel tired and weak?

Fatigue is common, but persistent tiredness and weakness can be a sign of many serious problems in the body. If you often feel tired and weak along with severe headaches that disrupt daily life, then this is not normal.

Brain tumor also starts affecting the hypothalamus. This is the part of your brain that controls sleep. In this condition, your sleep starts getting disrupted, despite resting, you do not feel refreshed and fatigue persists, then you need to be careful about this condition.

3. Are you having trouble hearing and speaking?

It is normal for hearing ability to decrease with age. But when you start having such problems suddenly or in one ear, then you should be alert. Due to the growth of the tumor, the pressure on your auditory nerve also starts increasing. In this condition, some people also start hearing a ringing sound in their ears (tinnitus). Apart from this, difficulty in speaking like finding the right words in, alow voice can also be a sign that you are suffering from a brain tumor.

For example, if you often have headache, fatigue, and weakness, along with difficulty in hearing and speaking, then go to the doctor immediately. Diagnosing the tumor in time can reduce the serious risks of the disease and the risk of cancer.

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