This infectious stomach disease is spreading rapidly in Britain


Alert: This infectious stomach disease is spreading rapidly in Britain, more than 100 people are sick;Alert in India too

Many cities in the united kingdom (UK) are in the grip of bacterial infection these days. According to local media reports, cases of diseases caused by Escherichia coli or E. coli bacteria have increased in many cities here in the last 15 days.Dozens of people have been admitted to hospitals due to the outbreak of infection. E. coli bacteria are usually present in the intestines of healthy people. However, if you come in contact with E. coli from contaminated water or food, it can cause many problems related to digestion.

According to the UK health Protection Agency UKHSA, this outbreak in the country is believed to be linked to contaminated food. UKHSA said that genome sequencing of samples indicates that most of the cases reported across the UK for the past month are part of the same outbreak. Doctors have also warned people in india about this disease spreading in the UK. After all, what is its connection with India? Let us know.

E. coli bacterial infection

According to media reports, after more than 100 cases of E. coli infection were reported in the UK in a fortnight, experts have issued an alert and advised people to be cautious. According to the agency, 113 cases of infection have been reported in britain since May 25. Many people have been admitted to hospitals. health officials said everyone should take special care about food. Consume only fresh and well-hygiene things.

It is worth noting that E. coli bacterial infection increases during summer, given the risks of which people have also been warned in India.

Why does this infection occur?

The most common cause of E. coli infection is eating contaminated food. Consuming stale food or fruits and vegetables without washing them properly can increase the risk of this infectious disease. To reduce the risk of infection, it is also necessary to clean and maintain meat properly. There can also be a risk of spreading infection due to contaminated water or other contaminated beverages.

How to identify infection?

Symptoms and signs of E. coli infection usually begin three or four days after coming in contact with the bacteria. Infected people may have a variety of health problems related to digestion. There may be a risk of diarrhea and in some casesbloody diarrhea due to infection. Apart from this, nausea and vomiting are also seen in some people along with stomach cramps and pain.

Danger and prevention in India too

Doctors say, there is an outbreak of severe heat in the country these days and the risk of E. coli bacteria infection increases in this season. To prevent infectious diseases, take care of the cleanliness of food items. Fruits and vegetables should be consumed only after washing and cleaning them thoroughly. Drink clean water. The risks of infection can be reduced by boiling water cooling it and then consuming it.

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