What is the forecast regarding rain this time?

S Venkateshwari

What is the forecast regarding rain this time?

According to IMD, the monsoon rainfall in the year 2024 may be up to 106 percent, which is much more than the normal rainfall of 97 percent. The department says that this time the main reason for more rainfall than normal is La Nina. Actually, there are currently two patterns of climate around the world. The first is El Nino and the second is La Nina. In El Nino the sea temperature increases by 3 to 4 degrees. Due to its activation, the effect of climate is anti-clockwise. For example, areas with high rainfall receive less rainfall and areas with less rainfall receive more rainfall. Its effect occurs twice in 10 years.

Whereas in La Nina the sea water cools rapidly. Due to the coldness of the water, monsoon winds bring clouds behind them, which causes good rain. india received 109 percent rainfall in 2020, 99 percent in 2021, 106 percent in 2022 and 94 percent in 2023. There was a La Nina effect on monsoon from 2020 to 2022 and an El Nino effect in 2023. 

Why wait for monsoon, 2 points?

1. There is severe heat in North and South india from april to June. During this period the temperature reaches around 45 degrees. This temperature drops after the arrival of the monsoon. This is a big reason to wait for the monsoon.

2. South-west monsoon brings with it rain. india is an agricultural country. Due to rain, thesowing of crops increases, due to which there are chances of better yield.

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