Don't come to Bangalore & Delhi anymore, Why!?

Sindujaa D N
Are Bangalore and delhi unsuitable for settlement by humans? An intense discussion.
Bangalore will follow delhi in becoming an uninhabitable city. delhi has already reached that point. Which city will it be next? A person's post on the X website has sparked meaningful conversations.
People in india move to urban areas in pursuit of jobs, education, and other opportunities. As a result, India's population has grown in cities like delhi, Mumbai, chennai, and Bangalore.

 This means that we will have to deal with a number of issues, such as a growth in homes, a rise in automobiles, and traffic congestion. Lack of water in the summer. Cities are never short of issues, including monsoon-related flooding. IIT madras alumna anjali Lal started a contentious discussion regarding cities on the X site page.
His post on the X website page has received over 2.8 lakh views. It has been liked by over 2000 users. Many others have also offered their opinions. Both those who are in favor of and those who are opposed to anjali Lal's viewpoint have registered. A blogger has questioned how Delhi's air pollution is the only issue, and how delhi can be considered uninhabitable.

According to anjali Lal, there are a number of issues, including breathing difficulties during the winter and water concerns. hyderabad has already joined this list, according to someone else, and pune will follow shortly. As already mentioned by another user, you wouldn't be aware of all the issues you are bringing up as challenges if you lived in a place like Mumbai. An individual In the state of Kerala, the city of kochi is currently both developed and growing. According to him, kochi had all the necessary elements to turn into an uninhabitable city, including an international airport, shopping centers, tech institutes, and metro links.

Another remarked that delhi has good infrastructure and that the main issue it has is air pollution, not water problems like Bengaluru has. The perception that metros (metropolitan cities) are unfit for living stems from various challenges associated with urban living. While metros offer numerous opportunities and amenities, they also present significant drawbacks that can make them seem less ideal for some people. While metropolitan cities offer diverse opportunities, cultural attractions, and conveniences, the challenges they present can significantly impact the quality of life for their residents. Overcrowding, high cost of living, pollution, stress, and infrastructure strain are among the key factors that can make metros seem unfit for living. Addressing these issues requires comprehensive urban planning, investment in sustainable infrastructure, and policies aimed at improving the overall living conditions in these densely populated areas. 

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