History of World Intellectual Property Day...

S Venkateshwari

History of World Intellectual Property Day...

Intellectual property rights protection encourages greater innovation and creativity. They give us more self-assurance, acknowledge the qualities we have produced, encourage us to innovate more, and enable us to give the world better things. However, intellectual property is more likely to be stolen by others when it is not protected and is available for piracy; this can further erode morale and the spirit of invention and creativity. World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated annually to raise public awareness of intellectual property rights and the need to protect them. Here are some things to remember as we prepare to commemorate this unique day.

Date: april 26 is World Intellectual Property Day each year. World Intellectual Property Day is on friday this year.

History: Further protection for intellectual property was established in 1883 with the signing of the paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property. The goal of this was to safeguard industrial designs, trademarks, and inventions.The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) was established by the Convention in 1970. WIPO was designated as a specialized agency of the UN in 1974. WIPO assists member states in working together to create legislation, register intellectual property, and safeguard intellectual property.


World Intellectual Property Day is observed on april 23. This year's topic is "IP and the SDGs: Building Our Common Future with Innovation and Creativity." We should educate ourselves on the many laws pertaining to intellectual property protection in order to properly commemorate this day. We may also arrange a panel session to learn more about how intellectual property fosters creativity and innovation. We can also talk about how important it is to defend intellectual property. We ought to inspire young people to think more imaginatively and creatively as well.

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