Can S*x help you lose weight?

Your closest friend or lover may have given you the naughty smile advice to attempt "cardio at home" if you're trying to reduce weight. Putting jokes aside, is it true that feeling hot and sweaty in bed aids in weight loss?

What experts have to say
“Sometimes, it [sex] can help in losing weight,” says Artika Singh, a public health and gender anthropologist and comprehensive sexuality educator.

"Sex can be loosely classified as a "cardio" type of exercise because the physical movements increase heart rate and burn calories," the expert explains.
• A 2013 study found that during a 24-minute sexual encounter, women burn 3.1 calories per minute and males burn 101 calories per minute.

However, Artika says that this number also says that it depends on various factors including duration (no pressure btw), intensity, pace, and type of sex. Those involved may lose anywhere from 80-300 calories.

Understanding 300 calories

Get this:
Your body weight in kilogrammes is around 7,700 calories.
As a consequence, losing 300 calories through exercise on average may translate into a weight loss of about 0.034 kg.
Furthermore, if you engaged in high-intensity sexual activity for longer than an hour, the most calories you may burn is 300.
On the other hand, if you choose to run for 10 minutes, you will burn 114 calories.
In addition to cardio, the physiological and psychological advantages of a good sexual life—such as decreased stress via dopamine release and elevated mood—can indirectly promote weight control by influencing lifestyle choices, says health and fat reduction consultant Jashan Vij.

Is weight loss different for both men and women during sex?

Even in the instance of weight loss during sex, Artika believes that it isn't always accurate to attempt to categorise sexual experiences based on gender.
The former claim that males lose more weight during sexual activity is based on the erroneous premise that men must exert more effort while having sex while women relax. It is a fact that in heterosexual relationships, males may exert less effort than women, and vice versa.
But according to Jashan, males often have more muscular mass, which might result in a somewhat greater caloric consumption.
Jashan states that hormonal changes that occur throughout the menstrual cycle might have an impact on a woman's desire for sexual activity as well as her energy levels.

Tips to burn more calories during sex

1. Extend the duration: Intimate encounters that last longer naturally burn more calories. Spend some time together and relish each other's company.
2. Pay attention to postures: Choose to be in positions that demand greater physical exertion, such standing or being on top. They enhance calorie burn by using more muscles.
3. Intensify actions: To increase heart rate and calorie expenditure, use more strenuous actions such as thrusting or deepening angles.
4. Indulge in foreplay: Prolonged foreplay boosts calorie burn in addition to pleasure. Touching, massaging, and kissing are examples of activities that might increase total caloric expenditure.

5. Get creative: Experiment with different locations and scenarios that encourage movement and physical exertion, such as using furniture or trying new positions.

6. Communicate and synchronise: To guarantee shared effort and optimise calorie burn, coordinate your actions with your partner.
7. Stay hydrated: For best results and calorie burning, like with any physical exercise, it's important to stay hydrated.
Recall that closeness and mutual enjoyment should be the main objectives of sex. Although burning calories might be beneficial, it's crucial to remember that enjoyment and quality time with your spouse should always come first.

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