Rose Day: Why do we commemorate this day?

S Venkateshwari
Rose Day: Why do we commemorate this day?


As the much anticipated Valentine's Week approaches, love is in the air. This time of year, the world turns a vivid shade of crimson, signifying love. Individuals who have discovered genuine love dedicate their lives to one another and celebrate the day with someone special. Valentine's Day serves as a reminder of the worth of love and its capacity to conquer all challenges. Rose Day is celebrated on february 7 while Valentine's Day is observed on february 14.

On Rose Day, individuals and couples celebrate their commitment and passion, ushering in the romantic season. A magnificent bouquet of roses that enchants us with their fragrances and lifts our spirits with their alluring colors serves as the focal point of the first day of Valentine's Week. 

Date and history of Rose Day in 2024

Wednesday, february 7th, is Rose Day, which will be observed with great fanfare and celebration. Roses were associated with mystery and passion in Roman mythology, particularly in regard to Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Roses are linked to love in Eastern civilizations like Arabic and Asian cultures, maybe because of their lovely hues and delightful aroma. Roses are a common symbol of affection given by Victorians, who are thought to have been the first to express their love for one another. Rose Day, observed on february 7th, has since been established as a celebration of the giving and receiving of roses.

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