The situation is alarming, yet there's hope for progress...

S Venkateshwari
The situation is alarming, yet there's hope for progress...

 Social media is a key cause of sadness and anxiety, thus it must be addressed personally. While the situation is obviously concerning, we might hope that this tendency will reverse. Regular folks like you and me who don't get money from videos can also see the numbers of likes and shares they receive when they upload any kind of content, including photos. 

Friends argue frequently over anything that one of them did not like about my photo or something else and did not comment on. We continuously monitor who has shared, liked, and commented. Relationships also frequently suffer as a result of this. people of great education and status even say things like this. Thus, the queue is now rising here. It is not restricted to any specific age or socioeconomic category. Indeed, this is understandable when the state of degeneration gets to the point where people find it shocking that it has gotten out of control. 

The fact that high-quality material is being produced and shared on social media is one of its benefits. Even though Poonam Pandey's approach was incorrect, people still need to be made aware of it. The tendency to grab the attention by doing anything is currently in vogue and is growing, yet many things may be changed if we address it at our level. social media usage needs to be examined closely since it is a significant contributor to anxiety and depression in particular.

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