Muslims Join the Celebration of Diwali in Dubai.?

Sindujaa D N
Dubai is a desert country. More than that, it is a Muslim country. And why celebrate the traditional indian festival of diwali in such a place? Doubt comes. But, true. diwali is also celebrated in Dubai. They conduct this festival with more enthusiasm than what is done near us. The reason for this is that there are more people who have migrated from India, who have settled there, who have followed the path of the desert country in search of employment.

Moreover, dubai is India's most friendly country. Our culture and traditions are being respected there for a few decades. In this background, without any restrictions, we all celebrate diwali in Dubai. Not only us,some Muslims too participating in this festival and the king of dubai wishing the Indians, such things have been happening for a few decades.

Diwali in our country. As the name suggests, rows of lamps are lit! Similarly, lamps are lit on a grand scale in Dubai. Colorful lamps are called beautiful. There is a tradition of using earthenware as here as well. Another strange thing is that these are made by Muslims in the villages there. The cost is also very low. Also, shops are decorated with lights. However, electric lamps are used for this.

 Diwali rush is upon us now. It is limited to only one or two days. In the past, this rush was visible from at least a week before.  Buying new clothes and making sweets related to the festival of diwali from a week before is very attractive. Another feature is that traditional indian dishes are prepared deliciously.

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