Good News for Senior Citizens..!? Railway Notification..!?

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Good news for Senior Citizens..!? Railway Notification..!?
Many organizations and groups have taken this decision considering the concession on train fares. Railways has decided that no discount on train fare will be given to any other passenger except in certain special cases. The railway ministry has stopped the fare concession given to senior citizens during the Corona period. Subsequently, various organizations have been demanding the withdrawal of the fee concession. Apart from this, the opposition MPs in the parliament are also involved in the agitation regarding the discount on train fares. But now the government has taken an important decision in this regard. It has been mentioned that the discount given to passengers on train fare will not be given again.
Decision taken after considering the request:
In this case, it has been said in the news that many organizations and groups have taken this decision after considering the demands of the people. Following this, the Railways has decided that no passenger will be exempted from train fare (Senior Citizen Ticket Concession Update) except in certain special cases. Railways' argument behind not re-granting the discount is that the fare subsidy will continue as before. But it is mentioned that no additional relaxation can be given.
100 tickets sold at Rs 55:
Meanwhile, recently, Railway minister Ashwini Vaishnaw had said during a program that he would give 100 rupees tickets for 55 rupees to passengers. Apart from that, he had said that the Railways was already offering train tickets at subsidized rates. After this, it has become clear that the benefits provided to other categories including senior citizens will not be started in the future also. Meanwhile, before the spread of Corona, till march 2020, indian Railways gave fare concessions to women above 58 years of age and men above 60 years of age.
This discount has been stopped by the Railway Department (IRCTC) from 2020 onwards. In this regard, Parliamentary Committees (Parliament Session), various organizations, and MPs suggested to restore the exemption. However, the railway administration has decided to continue the fare concession for passengers suffering from certain serious diseases like cancer. The Ministry of Railways said that these facilities will be increased in the coming times. Lower Birth (Lower Birth) is available on a priority basis for senior citizens and women without extra charge.
To whom a lower berth will be allotted:
Lower berths are given first priority for disabled, senior citizens, and pregnant women by the Railway Department. Some lower berths in the coaches are reserved by the Railways for the disabled. Along with this, some middle berths are also reserved for them.

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