Is it difficult for your kid to set up friends?

S Venkateshwari
Is it difficult for your kid to set up friends?


Is your kid having trouble making friends? Does he or she struggle to connect with others socially? We parents frequently ask ourselves these questions because we care about the pleasure and well of our children. The inability of your child to interact with other kids or make friends can be upsetting as a parent, but before we look for answers, it's crucial to understand why some kids find socialization harder than others. First of all, there is no such thing as an introvert or an extrovert when someone is cheerful because people are by nature merry.

Arouba Kabir, a mental health counselor, wellness coach, and the founder of Enso Wellness, discussed a number of problems that may make it difficult for kids to interact with others or develop friends.

Parents' responsibility: Children may adopt their parents' shyness or introversion or develop these characteristics themselves if their parents are themselves reticent. 

Children are simply children; there are no shy or introverted children. Therefore, avoid referring to your child as shy or introverted because when you do, that is how they begin acting. 

Lack of social skills: Lack of effective communication at home, lack of expression, or criticism from parents, peers, or teachers can prevent children from developing critical social skills or learning conflict resolution. Effective communication is the first step in nurturing bones.

Bullying, criticism, and comparison: A child's confidence in making new friends can be damaged by a previous unpleasant experience with a peer or a bullying episode. I once learned from a young client that they had witnessed bullying in a tv show and had become afraid and worried that it would happen to them as they grew up in a social environment.

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