Why you might never feel worthy of your parents?

S Venkateshwari
Why you might never feel worthy of your parents?

When we are raised in dysfunctional households, we frequently struggle to live up to our parents' expectations. We feel inadequate because we don't receive the love, care, and affection that other people do. Additionally, sometimes the unreasonable standards our parents and other carers set for us inspire us to work harder. Because of their parents' unrealistic expectations, inconsistent affirmation, conditional love, emotional manipulation, and other harmful behaviours, the majority of children of emotionally immature parents struggle to feel good enough. Your self-esteem and emotional health may be negatively impacted for a long time by these experiences, and they frequently cause problems in your romantic relationships, according to therapist Morgan Pommells.

Morgan added the following justifications for why we might never be good enough for our parents:

The foundation of their love is what we accomplish: Our parents frequently place boundaries and expectations on us. They tell us that their love depends on how well we do and what we accomplish in life. We feel inadequate as a result of this. 

Unrealistic and perfectionist expectations: The parents will always set standards that are higher than the previous time, no matter how many impossible expectations we manage to meet. We will therefore never be able to accomplish them.

Techniques of guilt and manipulation: Our parents occasionally subject us to methods of guilt and manipulation. As a result, we begin to internalise the idea that we are in charge of ensuring their happiness. When they are upset, this makes us feel a lot of guilt. 

Comparison to others: Our parents frequently make comparisons between us and other kids and our peers, which causes us to concentrate on our weaknesses rather than our strengths.

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