International record made at the age of 4!!!

International record made at the age of 4!!!

Adira Porwal, just 4 years old, living in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, has done wonders. Adira has shown at such a young age by reading 5 numbers of 15 digits from the indian and international Digit System. With this, the girl has registered her name in the international Book of Records, making a new and unique record.

Adira, who lives in Gopur Extension, Indore, currently studies in KG 1. Surprisingly, at such a young age, this little girl understands billions and trillions.

Dream of becoming a doctor:

Adira's dream it to become a doctor when she grows up. Adira now reads and recites numbers up to 19 digits easily instead of 15. The girl says that she wants to become a doctor when she grows up. Adira's mother Payal says that she used to read the number up to crores in the beginning and then gradually progressed. She told that teacher niharika Joshi has taught magic maths to Adira. Adira gives indian and international digit readings as well as their place value. 

Mother Payal further said, for this record, we had to make a video but Adira would not let her make the video, after which we explained to her that if she studies, Modi Ji will give her a medal with his own hands. Just since that day, Adira has studied diligently and has also started making videos. 

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