Cursed diamond worth Rs.20,86,41,00,000... Mystery of India to America - What is the history behind it?

S Venkateshwari
Cursed diamond worth Rs.20,86,41,00,000... Mystery of india to America - What is the history behind it?

If india had not been plundered by foreign invaders, including the british, our country would have been called the “Golden Bird” even today. The british looted all the temples or royal treasury in India. They left nothing behind.

Among the treasures taken from here was a magnificent diamond. The diamond somehow eventually found its way to America. It is called Hope Diamond. It is believed by many to be a cursed diamond as those who bought it for themselves often died prematurely.

It has long been believed that the diamond came from the kollur mine in Guntur. However, newly found evidence suggests that it may have come from the kimberlite areas of Vajrakur in Andhra Pradesh. It is said that this was also cut along with other details in this area.

Since its discovery in the 17th century, the Hope diamond has changed hands many times. French gem dealer Jean-Baptiste Tavernier is believed to have bought the diamond in uncut form. According to the Smithsonian, various royal families have owned the diamond over time, including Louis XIV of france and Harry Winston of New York City. But in 1958, Winston donated the diamond to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

Hope says the diamond is cursed and Tavernier doesn't buy it; On the contrary, a story is told that a Hindu god in an indian temple stole it from the statue itself. According to the cape town Diamond Museum in South Africa, when the priests discovered the missing diamond from the temple, they cursed the man who took it. This curse is said to have brought misfortune and untimely death to many of the diamond's subsequent owners.

In 1839, gem collector Henry Philip Hope captured this diamond. Because of that this diamond was named after him. According to the Smithsonian, the diamond is now set in a pendant surrounded by 16 white diamonds. It is also attached to a chain studded with 45 white diamonds. It is currently on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural history in Washington. A Chicago-based diamond dealer says the Hope diamond is worth US$250 million (roughly Rs. 20,86,41,00,000 in indian currency).

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