Election: Interference that affects electronic devices...

S Venkateshwari
Election: Interference that affects electronic devices...

Since the election commission maintains that electronic voting machines (EVMs) cannot be tampered with in any way, all elections have been conducted up to this point. But as we have seen, a lot of software has emerged in this mechanical age, allowing for direct modifications to be performed to numerous items. These days, intervention can be used to modify any technological gadget. This can also be taken as an example of how individuals were asked to turn off their phones as soon as they boarded an aircraft since there was a chance that traffic-related interference with the phone signal could affect the plane's signal. Saying that computerized voting machines cannot be tampered with would be incorrect in the extreme when such fine-grained control is possible.

In several nations around the world, there is no EVM

In general, electronic voting devices are only used in a very small number of nations worldwide. These questions have also been brought up there in addition to this. America has conducted a great deal of elections, but they do not employ computerized voting machines there. The world's first democratic nation is America. Not even in the majority of european nations are electronic machines in use. No nation trusts electronic devices to be impervious to interference. One cannot overlook the importance of trust in any election process. Both congress and bjp national president lal krishna advani were against the EVM system when it was first implemented in India. 

The parties have taken this up in court and have challenged it numerous times. This case has been brought up in court until today. In this, the supreme court itself stated that 26 lakh EVMs were purchased after spending five lakh crore rupees, and that some of those machines will likely have VVPAT installed. 

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