How many years of penalty are there in a defamation case?

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How many years of penalty are there in a defamation case?

Under Section 500 of the IPC, a person convicted guilty of defamation data-faces a minimum two-year jail sentence, a fine, or both.

Understand how this benefits the government.

In response to this query, patna University professor Ankush Mishra states that it is impossible to argue that the government gains anything by maintaining defamation as a criminal offense. However, the term "defamation" is primarily used in relation to politics. Usually, a defamation lawsuit is brought against a politician who says something like this to another politician during an election campaign. rahul Gandhi experienced a similar scenario in 2023.

Many opposition figures, including delhi Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, said that the bharatiya janata party was attempting to destroy non-BJP personalities and parties by bringing lawsuits against them after rahul Gandhi was found guilty in the Modi surname case. He had stated that although there are disagreements with the Congress, it is improper to bring rahul Gandhi into a defamation lawsuit such as this one. It is the opposition's and the public's responsibility to raise questions.

Given that the country will host the lok sabha elections this year, rahul Gandhi's conviction in the defamation case is now also relevant. Every party is making every effort to get control. Following the Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul's public perception has also begun to shift.

Rahul was given a two-year prison sentence for his remarks regarding the "Modi surname" by the surat court in this particular scenario. He was then ineligible to run in the lok sabha elections and had also lost his membership in the Parliament. Even while the supreme court ultimately decided to postpone rahul Gandhi's penalty, only the bharatiya janata party would have profited if he had managed to avoid the polls.

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