Is India one of the developing countries?

S Venkateshwari
Is india one of the developing countries?

India used to be a developing nation, but that is now the past. india is classified as a "lower middle income" country by the World Bank. A country is considered low-income if its per capita income is less than $1085, according to the World Bank. Lower-middle-income countries are those with per capita incomes between $1086 and $4125. india has a per capita income of about $25,000. pakistan is one of the "lower middle income" nations, along with India. The unique aspect is that china, the nation with the second-biggest economy globally, is not a developed one. china is classified as having an "upper middle income" by the World Bank.

The distinction between developed and developing nations

Although there is no precise definition, developed and developing countries differ greatly from one another. Developed nations have freedom and prosperity. These nations have robust economies and high per capita incomes. Low per capita income and feeble economies characterize developing nations. Social security, health care, and education are all guaranteed in wealthy nations. In underdeveloped nations, these facilities are of low quality.

In wealthy nations, the rate of literacy is typically 90% or higher, but in poor nations, it is typically 70% or below. There are more laws and regulations pertaining to environmental preservation in developed nations. The standard of living is mediocre and contemporary technology is nonexistent in undeveloped nations.

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