List of India's Richest States Released..!?


List of India's Richest States Released..!?

A lot of companies have come up in Bengaluru which is popularly known as the IT City. karnataka is lagging behind in terms of wealth. In the list of richest states, the name of the neighboring state is first. india has 29 states. A list of the richest states for 2022-23 based on state domestic products has been released. We are going to give you information about which state is at which position under GSDP.

By all means india is a country of unity in diversity. Some of the states here are rich while some are included in the list of poor states. Let's see which state is in which position in the current year.

 Maharashtra is the richest state in India: With a GDP of 400 billion dollars, maharashtra is the richest state in India. Mumbai, the capital of maharashtra, is known as the financial capital of the country. maharashtra is the third most populous state in the country, with 45 percent of the population living in cities.

tamil Nadu: The second richest state in india belongs to tamil Nadu. Its GSDP is $265.49 billion. 50 percent of the population of this state lives in cities. 9.6 percent of the country's population resides in tamil Nadu.

Gujarat: gujarat ranks third with a GSDP of $259.25 billion. Tobacco, cotton cloth, and almonds are the major producers of Gujarat. One-third of the total pharmaceuticals manufactured in india are manufactured in Gujarat.

4th Richest State Karnataka: karnataka is ranked fourth in the list of richest states in India. karnataka has a GSDP of US$ 247.38 billion.

Uttar Pradesh: Uttar Pradesh ranks fifth with a GSDP of USD 234.96 billion. Cities like noida and ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh are developing rapidly. Also, many companies have opened their branches in Uttar Pradesh.

West Bengal: West bengal is the sixth richest state with a GAS DP of US$ 206.64 billion. The major part of the economy here is agriculture and the medium industry.

Rajasthan: GS DP of rajasthan is US$ 161.37 billion. Mineral-rich rajasthan is the seventh-richest state in India. The economy here is based on agriculture, mining, and tourism. It has deposits of gold, silver, limestone, ambrosia, rock phosphate, copper, and lignite. It is the second-largest cement-producing state in India.

Telangana: telangana is the eighth largest state with a GSDP of 157.35. Irrigation facilities are good here due to the flow of the krishna and Godavari rivers. telangana is now giving special attention to information technology and biotechnology. telangana is one of the top IT exporting states in India.

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