India's victory - Will history be able to repeat itself?

Sekar Chandra

India's victory - Will history be able to repeat itself?

Team india led by rohit sharma has gone on west indies tour at this time. A series of 2 Tests will be played between the two countries. The first Test will be played in dominica from 12 July. Earlier in 2011, when the indian team went to the west indies, india had played a Test here. After this, india is going to play the second Test here. Team India's hands were left empty after reaching victory in dominica 12 years ago. At that time, former west indies veteran batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul had become an obstacle between india and victory. He then scored a century in the second innings of dominica Test and deprived india of victory. This time also his son Tegnarayan is in the west indies team, who can become a hindrance for Team India.

TegnarayanChanderpaul has been selected in the west indies squad for the Test series against india and there is every possibility of him playing in the dominica Test. Tegnarayan made his Test debut against australia in december last year. He has so far scored 453 runs in 6 Tests with the help of 1 century and a half-century. Tegnarayan converted his very first century into a double century. He had scored 207 runs against Zimbabwe. His father Shivnarine also scored a double century in the Test.

india could not win the Test because of Shivnarine's century

Shivnarine Chanderpaul played an amazing inning in the Test played in dominica in 2011 and drew the match. In that Test, west indies batted first and scored 204 runs. In response to this, the indian team scored a score of 347 runs in the first innings. The then captain mahendra singh dhoni played an inning of 74 runs. In this way india got a lead of 143 runs.

The indian bowlers had made a good start in the second innings as well and had dropped three wickets of the west indies in quick succession. After this, Shivnarine Chanderpaul had set his feet like Angad and scored 116 not out. Apart from him, Kirk Edwards also scored a century. west indies had scored 322 runs in the second innings and batted on the 5th day as well. india had got a target of 180 runs to win. But Team india had less overs to achieve this target. Team india scored 94 runs losing 3 wickets and this match was a draw. In this way, ShivnarayanChanderpaul proved to be an obstacle in the way of India's victory.

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