Obesity impacts all bodily parts and, if neglected...?

S Venkateshwari
Obesity impacts all bodily parts and, if neglected...?

The majority of people are becoming obese victims as a result of erratic daily schedules and altered eating habits. Obesity is causing people to suffer from significant diseases these days, even at a young age. Dr. Prateek Porwal, a consultant GI laparoscopic and robotic surgeon at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Indore, claims that gaining weight increases the pressure on numerous body areas and raises the danger of numerous catastrophic illnesses. The respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, cerebral, and reproductive systems—as well as hormones—can all be adversely affected by obesity.

stroke risk

The body's blood circulation is impacted by the rising rate of obesity. Obesity also raises the risk of stroke if it disrupts blood flow to the brain. In addition, issues with the body's neurological system could exist. Increased neurological issues could arise in the body. If obesity increases and fat builds up around the neck, the airway may narrow. The patient can have difficulty breathing at night in such a condition. This may lead to the development of sleep apnea.

Digestive issues

Moreover, obesity raises the risk of acid reflux disease (GERD). This issue arises from an imbalance in the stomach's acid production. In addition to this, obesity raises the risk of gallstones. Obesity-related fat buildup around the liver can harm the organ and result in conditions including fatty liver and liver cirrhosis. The liver is referred to as our body's powerhouse. A person may experience fatigue if their liver is not functioning properly as a result of growing weight.

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