Addiction to drugs has negative effects on males...

S Venkateshwari
Addiction to drugs has negative effects on males...

Lung damage: Men are increasingly developing a smoking habit. Their lungs suffer as a result. In addition, smoking too much raises the risk of developing conditions including bronchitis and asthma. Men's lungs deteriorate over time as a result of smoking addiction, and eventually, they have trouble breathing.

Weakened bones: Prolonged alcohol consumption can interfere with the growth of new bone. The body's bones begin to thin, and there's a significant rise in the chance of breakage.

Blood cells are produced by the bone marrow, which is harmed by excessive alcohol consumption. This explains why a drunk person's body may have less platelets, which could lead to increased bleeding in the event of an injury.

Direct effect on kidneys: Problems with the kidneys are brought on by excessive alcohol consumption. This can be explained by the fact that alcohol has a direct impact on the liver and kidneys due to its high alcohol content.

Not only that, but digestive issues can arise when kidney function declines. A kidney transplant is ultimately the only option if the kidney sustains too much damage.

Impacts the eyes: Mental damage can also result from excessive alcohol consumption. In addition, drug users may experience weakening in the muscles of their eyes as a result of a vitamin B-1 (thiamine) deficit.

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