Which drug do Indians use most—opium, injection, or alcohol?

S Venkateshwari
Which drug do indians use most—opium, injection, or alcohol?

The largest issue facing society now is the rising rate of drug addiction among young people. In Navi Mumbai, a 23-year-old man was recently taken into custody carrying drugs valued at Rs 5.5 lakh. Currently, the police are attempting to determine where he obtained so many medications. There have been previous instances of drug recovery. Prior to this, numerous individuals in various parts of india were apprehended in possession of drugs. The intriguing fact is that, in spite of the fact that drug use has been steadily rising in india over the past 14 years, less than 1% of drug traffickers have been apprehended.

Drugs have been the biggest problem in punjab during the past few years, but they appear to be a problem in almost every state in India. Although the administration is making every effort to keep it under control, the results alone will demonstrate how effective these efforts have been. Tell us about the data-size of the indian drug market and the country's current illegal drug issue in this report.

Over Rs 30 crore is done in business each year.

The global illicit drug trade is estimated to be valued more than Rs 30 lakh crore annually by Drug war Distortion and Wordometer. In addition, the 2019 National Drug Dependent Treatment (NDDT) report from AIIMS estimates that 16 crore or so indians drink alcohol. In addition, there are a lot of women in this.

About 20% of indians between the ages of 10 and 75 are dependent on various narcotics, according to this survey. There have been several stories mentioning how many kids have developed drug addictions.

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