Gold bond scheme has arrived..! Don't miss it..!!

Sowmiya Sriram
Gold bond scheme has arrived..! Don't miss it..!!
Now buy cheap gold from home. Buy online and get an extra discount. Find out how in full here. The fourth tranche of the Sovereign gold Bond Scheme for 2023-24 has now been launched. This is a great opportunity to buy cheap gold. Under the Savaran gold Bond Scheme, one can invest in gold from february 12 to february 16.
Here you can invest in 24 carat 99.9% pure gold. In this, the price has been fixed at Rs.6,263 per gram. If you want to apply for this, you can also do it online and you will get a discount. You can check the gold price published by IBJA here. On february 12, 24-carat gold was priced at Rs 6,238 per gram, 22-carat at Rs 6,088, 20-carat at Rs 5,552, 18-carat at Rs 5,053, and 14-carat at Rs 4,024. Banks can buy online and offline.
If you buy online, you will get a discount of Rs.50/gram. Can also be purchased at the post office. Can be purchased through a stock-holding corporation. There is an option to buy from BSE and NSE platforms as well.

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