World Jellyfish Day- Important facts - Let's know...

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World Jellyfish Day- Important facts - Let's know...

Marine creatures that resemble jellyfish can be found throughout the ocean. Jellies can live in every kind of environment, from the deep waters and the shore to the warm or cold parts of the ocean. They merely require a little time to become used to their new environment. They don't have the same appearance as other aquatic life. Jellyfish are made up of several tentacles and an umbrella-shaped body. They lack a body and a brain, yet they are incredibly brilliant in other ways. Jellies love seafood, crabs, shrimp, and small plants. World Jellyfish Day is commemorated annually. This year's World Jellyfish Day is approaching, so here are some things to remember.

In the southern hemisphere, november is the start of spring. Jellyfish travel to the northern hemisphere's shores during this time of year. november 3rd has been designated as World Jellyfish Day since 2014.

The biomass, spatiotemporal dynamics, and community structure of marine plankton ecosystems around the world are all significantly impacted by jellyfish. They are very significant marine animals that are the subject of studies and research. In several civilizations, they are also used as food. In China, jellyfish is a delicacy and a key component of traditional medicine. Jellyfish have tentacles that can hold tiny fish as well. It is thought that jellyfish have been on Earth for more than 500 million years, making them older than dinosaurs. Their bodies are devoid of bones and a heart. But they do have a mouth in the middle of their body and a central nervous system. Certain jellyfish have a nighttime glow. 

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