Who is responsible if a stray dog bites someone?

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Who is responsible if a stray dog bites someone?

Sunday marked the passing of Parag Desai, the executive director of Wagh Bakri Tea Group, who was hurt one week earlier while attempting to protect himself from street dogs that had attacked him in front of his ahmedabad house. After the fall, he sustained severe head injuries, and on Sunday, a cerebral hemorrhage claimed his life in an ahmedabad hospital. This is not the first time stray dogs have murdered or contributed to the deaths of disadvantaged individuals, such as children and the elderly. Numerous instances of pets attacking people have also made headlines in recent years.

Number of stray dogs and incidents of dog bites?

The survey states that while there are over 3.5 crore stray dogs in the nation, there are more than 1 crore pet dogs. According to data from the National Crime Records Bureau, there were 4,146 dog bite incidents nationwide in 2019 that resulted in fatalities for people. According to independent data, there have been over 1.5 crore dog bite instances in the nation since 2019. With 27.52 lakh instances, Uttar Pradesh had the greatest incidence, followed by tamil Nadu (20.7 lakh) and maharashtra (15.75 lakh).

Who is in charge of attacks by stray dogs?

Dogs that are stray may be guarding their puppies, angry, injured, or hungry. In these situations, dogs may attack if they feel threatened or provoked. In addition, having stray dogs around may occasionally result in rabies, dog bites, and persistent barking. Attacks by stray dogs are caused by a variety of things, such as incompetence on the part of the authorities and animal protection groups. In order to reduce the number of stray dogs, the government has not been able to put effective measures in place. Animal welfare organizations and civil society organizations have exhibited a callous and uncaring attitude. The small number of people who look after stray animals frequently encounter intense hostility and scorn.

What is stated in the law?

Dogs are not allowed to run free on the streets and their removal is prohibited by law. A dog therefore has the right to remain on the streets until it is adopted. Since 2001, india has also outlawed the killing of dogs. India's supreme court revoked a 2008 mumbai High court ruling permitting towns to put down "nuisance" dogs.

According to Article 51A(G) of the indian Constitution, it is every indian citizen's fundamental responsibility to preserve nature and show compassion for all living things. It is permissible to feed stray dogs in any community. 

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