Armaan Malik's daughter is not breathing???

Armaan Malik's children are facing trouble one after the other. First, Zaid, son of second wife Kritika, was admitted to the hospital. Then now the health of first wife Payal's daughter Tuba has deteriorated.
Famous YouTuber armaan malik has recently become the father of three children. Both his wives Payal (Payal Malik) and Kritika (Kritika Malik) have become mothers. First wife Payal has given birth to twins whom she has named Ayan (Ayan Malik) and Tuba. On the other hand, Kritika has given birth to a son named Zaid. All three keep sharing new vlogs about their family everyday. Recently, it was revealed in a vlog that Kritika's son Zaid (Zaid Malik) is very ill and is admitted in the hospital. At the same time, the health of Payal's daughter Tuba (Tuba Malik) has also deteriorated.

Ever since both the wives of armaan malik  have become mothers, since then their happiness is on the seventh sky, but in the meantime the health of their family and children is deteriorating. Recently Kritika's son had diarrhea due to which he is admitted in the hospital. And in the new vlog, it was revealed that Payal's daughter Tuba had stopped breathing. Tuba was not breathing through her mouth, seeing which the whole family was shocked. Payal also became very bad by crying. However, after some time Tuba got cured, then Armaan and Payal breathed a sigh of relief.
Along with this, Armaan instructs his wife that they should eat simple and homemade food. Insult has asked to stop things like tea and paratha. Seeing the deteriorating health of the children, Armaan has given this instruction. Whereas Kritika, seen in the vlog, is in the hospital with her son Zaid and is constantly taking care of him.
Please tell that on april 26, Armaan Malik's first wife gave birth to twins. Together, the family has named Payal's son 'Ayan Malik' and the daughter's name 'Tuba Malik'. Kritika also told the reason behind keeping these names. Kritika had told in the vlog that even at the time of the birth of Payal's first son Chirayu, Armaan wanted only a daughter and that's when he thought of naming her Tuba. Kritika said, 'There is a tree in heaven, its name is Tuba'. Apart from this, one meaning of tuba is also 'lovable'.
Tuba has one sister on 3 brothers, so she is very dear to the whole family. armaan malik had said that after the birth of the daughter, his family is complete.

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