Vishu : Traditional Kerala Dishes You Should Try!!!

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Vishu : Traditional kerala Dishes You Should Try!!!

Vishu, one of the most important celebrations in kerala, ushers in the malayalam New Year. The celebration represents a fresh start and renewed hope for individuals. The celebration honours the spring equinox, when days and nights are nearly equal since the sanskrit word for equal, Vishu, implies equal. 

The beginning of the Vishu celebrations is the early morning sighting of the Vishu Kani, a collection of lucky objects. It is thought to bring good fortune in the coming year.

Vishu Kani is arranged with cucumber, coconut, rice, areca nuts, betel leaves, gold decorations, coins, and fruits, coupled with a lit metal lamp at the centre. After that, the setup is put in front of a statue of Lord krishna or Lord Vishnu.

Without a Sadya feast, which includes banana chips, curries, rice dishes, pickles, and other foods served on a banana leaf, Vishu Kani is not properly celebrated. The following dishes are available for Vishu:

Rice, coconut milk, and spices are used to make Vishu Kanji, a traditional breakfast dish served on Vishu Kani. It is also prepared with various pulses, rice, and salt in several regions of Kerala. jaggery is another component found in several recipes.

Vishu Katta is an additional dish served at the traditional Malayali New Year celebration. The meal has a sweet flavour and is mostly made of powdered rice and jaggery.

Thoran is a dry vegetable meal made with a variety of vegetables, including cabbage, unripe jackfruit, beans, bitter gourd, and more. Thoran is a typical kerala Sadhya food. It's typically consumed with rice and curry as a side dish. In the northern region of kerala, Thoran is sometimes referred to as Upperi.

Summertime favourites include Mambazha(mango) Pulissery, a curry dish from kerala made with ripe mangoes, coconut milk, and curd. The meal can be enjoyed both by itself and with rice.

The rice, banana, jaggery, and coconut-based sweet fritters known as unniyappam make the ideal Vishu-specific snack. Ela Ada is a well-liked steamed rice pancake delicacy with a coconut and jaggery filling. Plantain leaf is used to steam Ela Ada.

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