How to discover a soul partner-Part1?

S Venkateshwari
How to discover a soul partner-Part1?

Every adolescent dreams of finding their soul mate, but for the majority of us, the dream ends as we get older and have to deal with the realities of life. It's crucial to maintain the feeling of discovering your soul mate and to keep your dreams grounded in reality. It's time to back off if you're hunting for a soulmate only because you're lonely. You must be content with yourself and like being around oneself. 

No matter how illogical it may seem, you must be happy when you are single. Because you are already whole and give life purpose, no one will suddenly and miraculously emerge to make life complete and give it meaning. Nothing is ever "discovered" outside of yourself; meaning only exists within. Before looking for your soul partner, learn to love yourself. 

As you start to feel at ease with being single, you also get a healthy dose of confidence. Well, you are looking, but you are not yet prepared to "settle."


You probably have a list of qualities you want in a partner, but have you ever stopped to think that your "soulmate" might also have one? 

High chances exist that they share their requirements and desires and are seeking a partner who will meet their standards. 

It's time to be really honest with yourself. Do you actually possess many admirable qualities, or do you still need to improve in that area? Make careful to write out your personal expectations for your soulmate before you start. When you write something down, you have clearly stated your goals, and the universe moves quickly to bring those thought-forms into reality.

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