MLA's Kin on the Run: Abuse Charges!

Sindujaa D N
A case has been registered against Andro Madivanan, the son of DMK mla Karunanidhi (Pallavaram constituency), and his daughter-in-law, Merlina, in tamil Nadu. The couple, who belong to a political family, is facing charges of torturing a young woman employed as a domestic worker. The victim reported being subjected to harassment, threats, physical violence, and forced to sign a contract for a three-year work commitment. 

The accused allegedly used various forms of abuse, such as feeding green chillies and assaulting the worker, reflecting the severity of their actions. In response to the case, the Nilangarai All women police registered an FIR against the MLA's son and daughter-in-law under six sections. The sections likely include charges related to harassment, assault, and coercion. 

Following the registration of the case, the couple has reportedly evaded arrest, prompting the formation of three special police teams to locate and apprehend them. Despite six days passing since the case was filed, the accused remain at large.

Efforts are underway to bring the couple to justice, and there are indications that they may be attempting to secure early bail. The case has gained significant attention in tamil Nadu, with public and political reactions reflecting concerns over the alleged abuse and the desire for accountability within the ruling party.

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