Email threat titled "biggest scam in India's history" was sent to major banks.

S Venkateshwari
Email threat titled "biggest scam in India's history" was sent to major banks...

Threat emails were sent on tuesday to the RBI, which is headquartered in mumbai, as well as two private sector banks operating there, hdfc and ICICI. The message claimed to have been sent from eleven different locations in the financial capital, where bombs were planted, and it accused private sector banks and the RBI of being part of the "biggest scam in the history of India." This development was covered by Mint, which referenced mumbai Police. The sender further demanded that Union Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman and RBI governor Shaktikanta Das quit from their positions due to their purported "involvement" in the "scam."
"We require the immediate resignation of the RBI governor and the Finance minister, as well as the publishing of a press release detailing the specifics of the scam. The emails further demanded that the government "give them both and all those who have been involved the punishment they deserve," according to Mint.
Where were the "bombs" planted?
The sender listed three locations where they believed bombs were planted: hdfc House-Churchgate, RBI-New Central Building, Fort, and icici bank Towers, BKC (Bandra-Kurla Complex). The messages further mentioned that the bombs would detonate around 1:30 pm.
What conclusions did the police reach?
The mumbai police claimed that despite sending officers to each of the 11 locations after learning about the letters, nothing was found. The ANI news agency said that a police officer stated that "a complaint has been filed and an investigation is underway."

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