Is it suicide? or Murder? Who is the Shadow man?

Sindujaa D N
The actress died by hanging herself from the ceiling fan in her hotel room. But before she committed suicide, a shadow man spent 17 minutes with her. So who is the shadow man? It is suspected to be a suicide but the police have not recovered any note yet.
The Uttar Pradesh police, who started an investigation into the sudden death of a 25-year-old actress, were shocked. Now there is a new twist in this story. police claimed that an unidentified person spent 17 minutes with akanksha in the hotel room on the night of actress Akanksha's death.
What does this suicide have to do with him? In that sense, the investigation is continuing. Is it suicide? Murder? That is also being investigated. Why did akanksha suddenly take such a shocking step? While it is yet to be confirmed, Akanksha's mother accused her boyfriend samar Singh's brother sanjay singh of being responsible for her daughter's death.
Akanksha's mother, in her complaint to the police, said that samar Singh used to beat her daughter and that her brother had threatened to kill her. The Singh brothers have been on the run since Akanksha's death. police are conducting raids at many places to catch them.

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