Boiled Water: Risk of heart attack to cancer...

S Venkateshwari
Boiled Water: Risk of heart attack to cancer...

If you drink Over Boiled or Warm Water to avoid Corona Infection or to remove Impurities of Water, then you need to be alert. Because your small mistake can make you a victim of heart attack to cancer. Therefore, if you are drinking boiled water, then this news is very important for you.

Because of your mistake about boiling the water, the amount of arsenic, nitrite and fluoride in the water increases a lot and due to this many dangerous substances enter the water. According to experts, boiling tap water again can cause many diseases, including cancer, heart problems, kidney problems and even mental disorders.

Along with water filter or RO, water is boiled for tea, soup etc. and every time it becomes dangerous for your health. By boiling water many times they become more concentrated i.e. its chemicals change and hence boiling the same water again increases the number of dissolved salts in it.

Toxic nitrite

Excessive boiling of water increases the amount of nitrite in it, which is a component of it. Nitrite turns into poison by boiling water too much. High heat converts nitrites to nitrosamines which can cause deadly cancer.


Boiling water too much increases the amount of arsenic in it. Drinking water with excess of arsenic increases the risk of fatal cancer, heart attack and many types of mental diseases. people who have been drinking arsenic contaminated water for years become victims of many skin related diseases.


Too much boiling increases the amount of fluoride in it. Drinking such water for a long time has a bad effect on the bones. If children are drinking such water, then it has a very bad effect on them.

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