Make this sugar-free sweet at home diwali special...

Make this sugar-free sweet at home, diabetic patients will also have a sweet mouth
As soon as the festival time comes, sweets start coming into the house. Something like this happens especially at the time of Diwali. In which everyone eats sweets fiercely. But sugar patients are forbidden to eat sweets. In such a situation, sweetness does not dissolve in his mouth. But this diwali you can prepare sugar-free sweets at home. Everyone with diabetes can also eat comfortably. Figs are considered very beneficial for health. Along with this, diabetic patients can also eat it. So let's learn how to prepare fig burfi, which can be eaten by sugar patients with ease.
Ingredients for making Fig Barfi
200 grams figs, 100 grams dates, 50 grams raisins, 50 grams pistachios, 50 grams cashew nuts, 50 grams almonds, and three to four spoons of desi ghee.
How to make Fig Barfi
To make anjeer Barfi, first cut the figs into small pieces. Take out the middle of the dates and set them aside. Now grind figs, dates, and raisins in a grinder and make a paste. Keep this paste without water. Now put a pan on the gas and add two spoons of desi ghee to it. Add ghee and fry cashews, almonds, and pistachios in it till they become light golden. Remove all these dry fruits and set them aside. Now after cooling down all these dry fruits cut them into small pieces.
Now in the same pan in which dry fruits were to be roasted. Add more ghee to it and fry the paste of figs, dates, and raisins. Keep the gas very slow while frying it. And fry for about seven to eight minutes. When it is roasted, add all the chopped dry fruits to it and mix it well. Turn off the gas. Grease a plate or tray with desi ghee. Now spread this roasted mixture on it. Smooth it out with the help of a ladle. Let it cool down for a while. When it cools down, cut it into a square or diamond shape. Delicious and healthy fig burfi is ready.

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