Impressive benefits of Onion!!!

S Venkateshwari
Impressive benefits of Onion!!!

Onion doubles the taste of every food, if there is no onion in your plate, then the food seems incomplete. Although not everyone eats onion, many people bring it under the category of non-veg, but there are some food dishes which are incomplete without onion. onion also has many properties, but when God's prasad is made, then onion is not used in that food. Just as potato is the king of vegetables, onion is the king of taste.

Benefits of Onion: 

If a worm is bitten, then applying onion juice provides relief in burning and pain.

Bleeding stops by putting 2-3 drops of onion juice on nose bleeding.

Eating raw onions does not cause heatstroke in summer, if someone gets heatstroke, then drinking onion juice or rubbing it on the sole gives relief.

Taking onion juice and honey mixed in equal quantity provides relief in cold, cough and fever.

Eating onions is beneficial in gastric syndrome and constipation. The fiber present in onion works to clean the stomach.

Onion is also very beneficial for the skin and hair. Mixing the juice of thirst with olive oil and applying it on the data-face provides relief from pimples.

Onion also reduces premature wrinkles, keeping the skin young and healthy.

Onion juice should be applied to the roots of the hair to get rid of lice and hair fall.

Massaging the hair with onion juice stops hair fall and also gets rid of dandruff.

Onion is hot. If you have the problem of cold, then onion will work as a medicine for you. By eating this, your body will get warm and you will also be protected from cold infections. 

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