Why laddus are special on Makar Sankranti?

S Venkateshwari
Why laddus are special on Makar Sankranti? 

As per religion and astrology, eating sesame and jaggery on makar sankranti is related to sun and Shani Dev. When sun enters the Capricorn sign, it is celebrated as the festival of makar sankranti, it is celebrated on 14 January. There are different beliefs in different parts of the country regarding this day, Someplace curd Chura is eaten, while some people celebrate it as Khichdi sankranti and people used to eat ghee khichdi. The specialty of Khichdi eaten in uttarakhand is that black sesame and black urad lentils are used in it. Similarly, on the occasion of sankranti, black sesame laddus are also made.

Have you wondered why black sesame seeds are given so much importance?

Black sesame is associated with Saturn and jaggery is associated with the Sun. By eating and donating these things on the day of makar sankranti, both Saturn and sun are pleased. To get success in life, the grace of these two planets is very important, eating sesame and jaggery on the day of makar sankranti also brings happiness and prosperity to the house.

According to mythology, once the sun God was in anger burnt his son Shani Dev's house 'Kumbh'. Let us tell you that Shani is the lord of Aquarius and it is considered to be his house. After this, when surya Dev went to Shani Dev's house, he saw that all the things kept in the house except black sesame were burnt to ashes, then Shani Dev welcomed his father surya with the same black sesame. surya was pleased to see this and he gave Shani Dev another house 'Makar' to live in. Also gave a boon that whenever the sun comes in Capricorn sign, he will fill his house with wealth. Along with this, those who offer black sesame and jaggery to the sun God during this time, will get a lot of progress in life by the grace of both sun and Shani. 

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